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Every Pet Owner Deserves To Give Their Pet The Best Medical Care In A Stress Free Way...

But there are some challenges along the way...


Feeling rushed during short appointment


Stressed out pets and caregivers


Frustration of seeing a different vet each time


Wasted time in a clinic waiting room


Dropping off and not being able to stay with pet


Difficulty getting cats in carrier

There's no need for you to worry about
any of this because there is a better

At Home Veterinary Services

Let's Get Your Pet Taken Care Of
How It Works


Schedule directly into our calendar online or give us a call


We'll send email with helpful tips on how to prepare for the appointment


Sit back and relax while we give  your pet the medical care they need


We'll let you know when your pet needs a checkup.

Here's What We Can Do At Home

Wellness Visits

Dogs & cats should have regular check-ups, vaccinations and routine blood tests to make sure that they stay healthy

General Medicine

Many common problems in veterinary medicine can be diagnosed and treated at home.

Challenging Patient

As Fear Free certified professionals we know how to manage the fearful or aggressive pets


We take an integrative approach to give the best care available

Travel Prep

Our USDA certified vets provide health certificates for travel, day care or groomers. Traveling internationally? Check the requirements.

At Home Euthanasia Services

Planning euthanasia for your ailing pet is the kindest and most humane thing that you can do

Have a question but don't need a house call?

Schedule a Telehealth session
with your vet for a video chat.

All you need is a mobile device or computer

      Benefits of Telemedicine consult:

  • Communicate directly with the vet
  • Vet care from wherever you are
  • Medications shipped to you

Don't Take Our Word For It..

Below are just a few of our customer experiences.

  • Dr. Q and her team have been caring for my 2 dogs for almost 10 years and I would have it no other way. My dogs are way more at ease when being treated in a space they know and the care they get is always superb - they love seeing their vet!

    - Anthony L.
  • You will not get the personal touch with any other vet!. They treat us like a dear old friend and will go above and beyond for us

    - Amy B.
  • Not only is Dr. Q  very personable and patient with my cat, (and me, who was very panicked) she is also very professional and knowledgeable

    - Sara H.
  • My cats were terrified to go anywhere.  Calling Dr. Q and her team was the BEST decision ever.   The in-home visits assure that my kitties don't have to see the scary travel carriers ever!

    - Melissa M.